Congratulations to the Entire Curiosity Team On an Awesome Landing!

WITI News Staff

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Congratulations to the entire Curiosity team on a awesome landing!

7000 people have worked on the project since its inception. Currently 700 team members remain on the project (400 at NASA and another 300 government contractors).

For details about Curosity visit:

Here is an article that highlights 6 of the women who were in the control room as Curiosity made its near perfect landing:

We are sure Donna Shirley, WITI hall of fame inductee 1997 and Manager of the first Successful Mars Rover Exploration Program was watching from home as eagerly as we were. Read about Donna:,-Manager-Mars-Exploration-Program/

Do you know of any other women, from the 7,000 you would like to highlight? If so, contact WITI. We would love to share their stories.