WITI Congratulates Sandy Carter

WITI News Staff

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Sandy has become IBM\'s next General Manager in IBM, and joins the growing ranks of women in IBM in key General Management roles. In her new role, Sandy will be responsible for IBM\'s worldwide focus on building key ecosystems around core growth areas in IBM -- Cloud, Mobile, Social, Analytics, and Integrated Expertise. In addition, she will partner with independent software vendors (ISVs), which contribute to approximately one-third of IBM\'s revenue. She will also manage key partnerships with the development, academic, and venture capital communities which comprise IBM\'s industry-leading ecosystem of influencers.

Sandy was the IBM Vice President of Social Business Evangelism and Sales, and is a recognized leader in social business, a best-selling author of three books, and one of the most influential women in Web 2.0 technology, receiving numerous awards, including \"Brand Leader of the Year\" from the World Brand Congress, \"Top 10 in Social Media\" from Altimeter Group, and Fast Company\'s \"Most Influential Women in Technology\". Most recently she was named by Biz Imagined Group to UK\'s leading Social Business Influencers Top 50.

Sandy is a founding member of WITI (Women in Technology International) Global Executive Network (GEN) program for senior executive women, a member of the WITI Executive Advisory Council, the American Management Association, and Chief Marketing Officer Inner Circle, to name a few positions that she holds. She is an avid social business evangelist, blogger and community builder. Follow Sandy at www.socialbusinesssandy.com and Twitter@sandy_carter.