6 Things You Should Do in College to Grab a Successful Job

Ahbishek Kumar

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College is one time in the lifetime that is solely responsible of where you land in the future. You might think there is nothing that can help finding a job when still in college. But that is a wrong approach. Not only the last semester or year, you have the entire three to four years of time to make yourself job ready.

What did you do to get into a college?

Created a background search, chose your subject, use different educational websites for students and make a decision about college and your field of study. Next you start working towards getting an admission in the college.

Similarly, when you are in college, you have to start preparing for a better job in the future times. Actively being a part of organizing committees and volunteering work during the span of a course, gives you an edge.

As you enter the last semester of the college the urge and importance of finding a job increases immediately.

Here is what you should be doing to grab a job offer when you are still in college:

Get Online

Social media platforms, networking platforms and online job portals should be your favourite surfing options. Get online and create alerts about new openings in your fields of interest. Read the job descriptions and you would know what they need.

List down and skills and competencies that you would require to apply for that job and then analyse what you can gather that skills on your resume. Create profiles online even if it is just a basic list of your educational details, any awards or accolades, internships, part-time jobs and volunteer jobs. The jobs you might have done might not match relevant competencies for the job that you are looking right now, but you must have learned some skills that employers look for.

Getting online also means it is a start towards building connections. Do connect with as many people as possible to strengthen your networks.

Get a Blog

How does that help?

You can choose to write about your fields of interest. If you do not know where your career path would take you, you can use this space putting down your personal interests. If you can zero in a professional topic like digital marketing or financial decisions, it is great. Otherwise, write about a subject that interests you.

Get an Internship; ASAP

Yes, it is never too early to get an internship when you are in college. Internships are valuable as they are the only experience you can gather before getting a job. Earlier you have an internship; you have more time to explore different fields. The more the number of internships you have before graduating, better it is for you to land a job.

Find a Mentor

You should, at least, have one mentor. And your mentor could be your family, professors or seniors but it is better to find a mentor of the field through your social media connections. Unless your parents work in the same field as you are thinking about, their mentorship may not be effective for your chosen profession.

You have to find someone who is doing what you want to do in future. For example, if you want work with Amazon for the marketing department, Google both and look what you get. Try and get in touch with this person. Have more names in your head. If you have at least one mentor, this changes a lot for you.

Another way of finding a mentor in your field is through connections of your parents.

Use Career Services

Every graduation school or college has a career service. But most of the students do not use them. Make use of these services. They connect you to your alumni working in the same field of your interest. The alumni can help you and could help you get a job in the field.

Other than getting in touch with the alumni, career services in college also assist in writing professional resumes and cover letters, interview preparations and other stuff related to job search.

Join an Industry Specific Group

Industry groups are an untapped resource. Most schools and colleges have huge professional groups that are industry specific. Be a part of these groups and connect with professionals establish the industry of your interest. Connecting with the industry is one of the great ways to mentor relationships that can help you in future.

The old fashioned idea of spending your time in college and exploring professional pursuits are no more relevant. Networking is the new way of grabbing a job. If you have not started networking, now is the time.