7 Tips to Get Started with Inbound Marketing: MSPtv Episode 50

Continuum Managed Services LLC

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Are you using inbound marketing techniques in your business strategy? In our 50th episode of MSPtv, Scott Glidden is joined by Continuum's Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Jeanne Hopkins, as we talk about tips to getting started with inbound marketing.


In this installment, Scott and Jeanne discuss a recent article by Inc. which provides information about some of the most successful inbound marketing strategies. From active blogging and email re-engagement campaigns to accessible product information and partner communication, Jeanne examines the best route to take in order to develop a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Check out this latest episode and stay tuned for future MSPtv coverage on inbound marketing in the future! Looking for more online marketing help? Check out Moz.com, a marketing platform MSPs can use to make marketing easier.

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About Jeanne

Jeanne Hopkins is SVP & CMO at Continuum and has 25 years of sales and marketing experience. She is renowned in data-driven, high-velocity demand creation marketing programs for high-growth SaaS companies, and since joining Continuum in 2013, has built a powerhouse metrics based sales and marketing machine. She was VP of Marketing at HubSpot where she helped the company become the second-fastest growing software company in the Inc. 500. She is co-author of a No. 1 best-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon.com, Go Mobile. Jeanne has been honored by the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management professionals, 2011- 2014 and 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in 2015 and a 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management winner for five straight years, most recently in 2016. Jeanne was named to CRN's 2016 Women of the Channel and Power 100. Follow her on Twitter @jeannehopkins.