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Wednesday, October 11
Session I | Session II | Session III
Thursday, October 12
Session I | Session II | Session III
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Sessions and Speakers*

Wednesday, October 11
Session I
10 - 11:30 a.m.

Business Development Track

Marketing, Public Relations and Your Brand in the Digital Age
Room 103
The rules for marketing have changed. With the Internet, traditional strategies will no longer work in today's marketplace. While the old methods aren't dead, new strategies are key to the success of your business. What should you do in this new reality? How should you manage your marketing, public relations and branding efforts? Our distinguished panel will share cutting edge strategies for competing in today's fast-paced digital economy.

    Sara Vose, Programme Manager, Pioneer, CSC (moderator)
    Linda Myers Tierney , Chief Marketing Officer, Eastman Software, Inc. A Kodak Company
    Mara Bartucca, Principal and Managing Director, The Horn Group
    Monica Chandra, EVP, Product Marketing, whatifi.com
    Busy Burr, President and Chief Marketing Office, Homestead.com

Entrepreneur Track

Aligning Passion and Accountability: Building Innovative Teams
Room 104
This session will explore the requisite ingredients for building teams that are innovative and have the drive to overcome obstacles. You will learn how to find and cultivate "super teams" in your organization, teams that are motivated by, and accountable to the success of their project, product or service. Competency in innovation is directly correlated to the growth of successful businesses, yet many organizations forget the path they followed in building their initial "hit" product. The key to sustained growth, particularly in the technology arena, is directly correlated to the ability to innovate repeatedly. Although often associated with small, entrepreneurial companies, this session will create a roadmap for building innovative teams in larger, established organizations. After all, the effectiveness of any innovative process is only as good as the team that must implement it.

    Susan Penta, Co-founder, Midior

Professional Development Track

Personal Stories of Successful Women
Room 112
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you're interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, this is a session you won't want to miss.

    Vicki Donlan, Publisher, Owner and FounderWomen's Business (moderator)
    Lisa Kustra, CEO, Plan4Demand
    Robin Raskin, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyPC
    Laura Tidwell, CEO and Founder, Enginehouse Media

Strike a Balance between Your Work and Personal Life
Room 102
Does it seem like work has become your life? Do you wonder whether you can succeed in a technology company and still have a life? Whatever your profession, whatever your lifestyle, attend this session to figure out how to "get a life". There is no "one size fits all" answer come think with the panelists about life choices and balancing strategies. You're sure to learn something that will help you enjoy life more.

    Anne Shapazian, Senior Manager, CSC (moderator)
    Peggy Waterfall, Program Manager, Women in Technology, IBM Corporation
    Lori Fontaine, President, SiteSupplier
    Mellie Price, VP, Sapient

Technology Track

Follow the User: User Experience in the Digital World
Room 101
In this brave new world of digitization, the user reigns supreme. The customer is the user, whether all along the B2B supply chain, or a direct recipient of B2C transactions or information, and the satisfaction of the user will make or break us. In a changing atmosphere of faltering customer loyalty and dissipation of vertical markets, we should be asking ourselves three simple questions: Is it useful? Is it usable? Is it desirable?

    Gretchen Hover, Director, Strategy, Razorfish

Technologies and Techniques for Launching a Successful IT Project
Room 101
You've lined up your vendors and products, planned a timeframe, hired outsourcers, and leaped into the project. However, without the buy-in of your business staff and end-users and the proper integration between technology and management, your project is doomed. This session will help you determine the proper mix of software, hardware, hand-holding, and strategy to succeed in your next project, be it the Web, CRM or ERP.

    Nance Goldstein, Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Public Policy Center, and University of Southern Maine (moderator)
    Mina Samii, Account Executive, CSC Consulting
    Neeran Saraf, President and CTO, Saraf Software Solutions
    Lisa Symons, Owner/Consultant, SymonsSays
    Gioia M. Kennett, Asset Management Technology, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Session II
11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Business Development Track

Creative Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Great Talent
Room 102
The industry's ability to remain competitive, continue expanding and meet customer technology objectives is increasingly threatened by labor shortages. Companies are increasingly challenged to compete for talent and financial compensation is no longer the primary consideration for job hunters. This panel will discuss these issues and will explore innovative strategies for recruiting new talent and retaining quality employees.
    Mary Beth Schoening (moderator)
    Lisa Kustra, CEO, Plan4Demand
    Karyl Levinson, VP/General Manager, Alexander Ogilvy Public Relations
    Sandra Casey Buford, VP, Human Resources, Giga Information Group
    Tanya Singer, Producer, Yahoo !Careers

Entrepreneur Track

Create Maximum Buzz!
Room 104
Whether you are an entrepreneur starting up a new venture, launching a new product or seeking support for an idea within your organization, you will have to create excitement and demand for your offering. At this session you will find out how to position your product or service to a target audience in a way that will create the most buzz. You will learn how entrepreneurs created a market presence that was embraced by the media and customers and what the media look for in new products and initiatives. You will also receive expert advice from coaches, entrepreneurs and public relations professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to transform yourself into a creative Buzz-Meister!
    Denise Ryan, Chief Visionary Officer, BluMarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
    Ellen Ullman, Technology Editor, Working Woman
    Susan Acker, Co-Founder and CEO, Blue 292
    Pat Harpell, CEO, Harpell, Inc.

Professional Development Track

Negotiating Your Compensation Package in the New Economy
Room 100
Today there is more to compensation than salary alone. Depending on your level of responsibility, your compensation may also be made up of bonuses, stock options and other long-term incentives and benefits that have a monetary value - as well as other types of compensation packages available in today's economy and negotiation techniques for obtaining the best compensation package possible.
    Pat Bleheen, Recruiting Manager, CSC Consulting (moderator)
    Sharon Matthews, SVP, Director of Employee Relations, First Union Corporation
    Franklin Goldschmidt, Business Development Director, RHI Consulting/IT Search
    Katharine Manning, Financial Consultant, Salomon Smith Barney
    Erisa Ojimba, Compensation Analyst, Salary.com

Corporate Pipeline: Navigating Your Way to the Top
Room 112
In striving to assume increased levels of responsibility, women are conquering personal fears and cultural stereotypes on their way up the corporate ladder. We will focus on the challenges faced by successful women, strategies they used to overcome obstacles and skills that served them well along the way.

    Linda Scherr, Program Director, IBM Women in Technology (moderator)
    Colette Coad, VP, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
    Joan Kelly, Senior Consultant, William M. Mercer
    Diana L. Brown, General Manager, Global Business Units, Scient

Technology Track
Session Sponsored by Fidelity Investments

Disruptive Technologies: How Customer Service is Changing
Room 101
Kathy Beckman, Senior VP, Human Resources, Fidelity Capital (moderator)
Caron McDonald, Senior VP, Charitable Gift Fund, Fidelity Capital
Tracey Esherick, EVP, On-line Brokerage, Fidelity Investments
Pat Hillman, EVP, Technology, Fidelity Capital

Mini Chat Session
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

How to Interview and Hire Competitively
Exhibit Hall Floor
Companies are finding you only get one shot to show candidates that yours is the firm with agility and decisiveness. This especially counts if you have a fledgling HR staff. Bring your specs and candidate requirements to this chat session to learn how to attract great talent and interview candidates more successfully and competitively.

    Ann Rice Banno, President, Faircastle Technology

Session III
2:15 - 3:45 p.m.

Business Development Track

Creating a Successful Media Strategy
Room 103
Creating a strategic media plan can be a huge opportunity, as well as a huge challenge. In this session you will hear how communications experts create a strategic media and communications plan using the latest online and offline technology. We will discuss the importance of branding via traditional methods and the Internet. The panel will also discuss how technology has changed the way communicators tell their story, the mediums they use, how to better target audiences and how to create newsworthy pitches.
    Julie McNamara, Consultant (moderator)
    Marijean Lauzier, CEO, The Weber Group
    Karla Eyerly, Senior Account Manager, Arbitron Advertiser/Agency Services
    Allison Secombe, VP, Marketing, Evoke Communications
    Lisa Burke, Director, Corporate Communications, Primestreet Corporation

Entrepreneur Track

The Skinny on How to Successfully Raise Funds
Room 104
During the past decade, women have launched companies at nearly twice the national average and now own 38% of all U.S. firms. Furthermore, growth projections for women-owned businesses are phenomenal. The largest hurdles are convincing yourself that you can make the leap into entrepreneurship and securing funding for your venture. This panel will offer guidance and practical tips on how to position and package your venture for investment capital. Our panel includes women entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, coaches and marketing experts who work with successful early stage entrepreneurs. Find out what it takes to appeal to investors and how to create an investment package that will yield sustainable returns.
    Patti Bond, Chief Operations Officer, BluMarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
    Andrea O'Toole, VP, Finance and Business Development, Hot Response
    Rebecca Reynolds Moore, President and CEO, Museumshop.com
    Susan K. Acker, President, CEO and Co-Founder, Blue292
    Shannah WhitHaus, CEO, Ground Floor Ventures
Professional Development Track

Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals
Room 112
Are you a techie intent on moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technologists are promoted to management positions without being provided the skills necessary to be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that technical professionals need to become successful and effective leaders in today's workplace.
    Kara Kapczynski, CTO, Gen3partners (moderator)
    Neeran Saraf, President and CTO, Saraf Software Solutions
    Suzanne Saxe, President, Advance Consulting
    Christie Carrington, Program Manager, Account Management Development, CSC
    Gerry Zimmerman, VP, Product Assurance/C31, Raytheon

Technology Track

XML: Function Over Form
Room 101
What if your data could be read by disparate systems? What if one format could be extended to the Web, e-Commerce, and systems management? Well it can with Extensible Markup Language, which is quickly becoming the standard for e-Commerce and Web development. This session will cover the diverse uses of XML and the benefits it can bring to your organization.
    Laura Bennett, Software Engineer, IBM Corporation

Chat Session

Chat Session with Liz Davidson
Room 100
    Liz Davidson, CEO, Financial Finesse


Women of Color Roundtable
Barriers to succeeding in the technology industry and strategies for overcoming cultural stereotypes and personal fears will be discussed. Real world experiences affecting women of color in technology will be addressed in this interactive roundtable of successful women of color.

Shila Patel, Director/Account Executive, CSC Consulting (co-facilitator)
Charles Harbor Clark, Manager III, Software Engineering, Raytheon (co-facilitator)

Thursday, October 12

*Subject to change

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