Testogen Review (w/pics) – I Wasn’t Expecting Results Like This..


In this post I’m going to share my Testogen review and results and tell you everything about it!

Frustrated with your results in the weight room?

Low testosterone might be to blame.

Your testosterone levels naturally decline as you age starting around the time you reach 30.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop aging completely, but you can slow it with good lifestyle habits like sleeping properly, eating a balanced diet, minimizing stress, and taking a testosterone boosting supplement.

Testogen is one of the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market.

It contains 11 nutrients and herbs to support your natural testosterone levels even as you age.

Keep reading to find out what makes Testogen stand out and why you may benefit from taking it.

What is Testogen?

Testogen and other testosterone boosters make good alternatives to anabolic steroids.

Many men turn to steroids to gain muscle quickly or to break through genetic plateaus. However, taking steroids comes with many potentially serious health effects. Testosterone boosters naturally increase your testosterone levels without any of the risks.  

Testosterone isn’t only for muscle building.

Testosterone also plays a critical role in preventing mental health conditions, preserving your sleep quality, and building strong bones.

Let’s look at the individual benefits of each ingredient in Testogen.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen Ingredients 2

Testogen contains an impressive blend of research-backed herbs, vitamins, and minerals to support your natural testosterone levels.

You’re probably already getting the vitamins and minerals in Testogen in your diet.

However, Testogen contains much higher amounts that you can only find in supplements.

It’s unlikely that you’re already consuming the herbs in Testogen in amounts high enough to affect your testosterone production.

Even if you’re eating a traditional Indian diet containing fenugreek, you’ll probably need to up your dose if you want to maximize your testosterone production.

Let’s break down each ingredient separately to see why they’re included.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid and one of the key ingredients in Testogen.

Consuming D-aspartic acid causes your body to produce more of the hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH).

LH is the hormone that signals for the testes to produce testosterone.

In one study, men between the ages of 27-37 took 3g of D-aspartic acid daily for 12 days.

The researchers found that 20 out of the 23 men in the study improved their testosterone levels.

The men had an average of a 42% increase.


Magnesium is also in Testogen and is an essential nutrient that supports your body’s testosterone production.

One study published in Biological Trace Element Research examined the effects of giving magnesium to sedentary people and tae kwon do athletes.

The researchers found that the testosterone levels of both groups increased after four weeks of supplementation.

Vitamin B6

Your body needs vitamin B6 to convert the energy in your food to energy it can use.

Vitamin B6 is one of the main ingredients in ZMA supplements and most of the research on vitamin B6 for increasing your testosterone looks at with zinc and magnesium.

It’s hard to say if vitamin B6 is a testosterone booster or if magnesium and zinc are responsible for most of the testosterone boosting effects. However, adding it to Testogen certainly can’t hurt.


Zinc is in Testogen!

Zinc is an essential nutrient that has several critical functions in your body.

Zinc supports your immune system and also regulates certain enzymes that build protein.

People with zinc deficiencies often develop low testosterone.

Supplementing zinc may help boost your testosterone levels. One study looked at the effect of giving 10 male wrestlers 3mg/kg of body weight per day.

The researchers found that the wrestlers had significantly increased levels of testosterone at the end of the four-week study.

Vitamin D3

Testogen contains Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the world.

It’s though that about 41.6% of people worldwide might not be getting enough of this essential vitamin.

Vitamin D’s main function is to help your body absorb calcium and phosphorous.

However, research has also found that higher amounts of blood vitamin D are linked to higher total testosterone levels.

Vitamin K1

Testogen also contains Vitamin K.

Vitamin K aids vitamin D in absorbing calcium from your food.

However, vitamin K may also play a role in helping you maintain healthy testosterone levels.

As of now, there’s limited evidence, but one rat study found that vitamin K supplementation helped alleviate reduced testosterone levels. 

Nettle Leaf Extract

Testogen also contains Nettle leaf extract.

Nettle leaf is a plant that can help support your prostate health.

It’s not clear if it can lead to a boost in testosterone, but a six-month clinical trial consisting of 558 patients examined the effect of 360mg of nettle leaf extract taken daily.

The researchers found that it had benefits for reducing benign prostate hyperplasia.

Red Ginseng Extract

Testogen also contains Red Ginseng.

Red ginseng extract specifically targets your sexual health and combats erectile dysfunction.

It’s thought that red ginseng might increase nitric oxide levels which help the blood vessels in the penis relax.

Fenugreek Extract

Testogen also contains Fenugreek.

Fenugreek is often included as a spice in Indian cuisine.

However, research shows that it may also be a powerful testosterone boosting supplement.

A study published in 2016 found that taking 300mg of fenugreek twice per day for eight weeks led to an increase in both total and free testosterone levels in young, healthy men.


Testogen contains Boron!

Boron is an essential mineral that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

However, new research has found that supplementing with boron may increase your body’s natural testosterone production.

One study found that taking 10mg of boron per day was linked to a decrease in estrogen and an increase in free testosterone in men age 18-29.


Testogen contains Bioperine.

Bioperine is a trademarked name for piperine or black pepper extract.

Unlike the other ingredients in Testogen, Bioperine doesn’t directly increase your testosterone.

However, it can increase your absorption of the other ingredients in Testogen by inhibiting enzymes that would usually limit their absorption. 

Who Can Benefit from Testogen?

According to the Testogen website, any man over the age of 18 who wants to increase their testosterone can benefit from taking Testogen.

You don’t have to worry about developing side-effects (unless you’re allergic to one of the herbs) because it supports your body’s natural testosterone production.

Testogen may be particularly useful for bodybuilders, athletes, and men with sexual performance problems.

If you’ve been feeling low energy recently and suspect that low testosterone might be the cause, you can try taking Testogen as a low-risk way of improving your testosterone levels.

How Do You Take Testogen?

Each bottle of Testogen comes with 120 capsules.

You should take four capsules per day about 20 minutes before your breakfast.

Unlike anabolic steroids, Testogen doesn’t need to be carefully cycled.

However, you may want to take a couple weeks off roughly every two months so give your body a break from the herbs.

How Long Does Testogen Take to Work?

Low testosterone affects both your mind and body.

Here are some effects that men with low testosterone commonly notice.

  • Decreased libido
  • Irritability
  • Problems concentrating
  • Depression
  • Low energy
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of muscle mass

You should notice some improvements in your symptoms of low testosterone within about a week of taking Testogen.

Generally, you’ll notice mental improvements before physical changes.

It may take six weeks to notice improvements in muscle mass or body fat percentage.

Where Can You Buy Testogen?

The best place to buy Testogen is directly from the Testogen website.

You may find it on Amazon and eBay, but when you buy from these sources, you risk the containers being mislabelled.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for people to fill empty containers with other capsules and resell them.

Benefits of Testogen

The primary function of Testogen is to increase your testosterone levels.

Elevated testosterone levels lead to Testogen’s other benefits.

Testogen Increases Strength and Power

Testogen is a great low-risk way to boost your testosterone if you aren’t getting the results you’d like in the gym.

Testosterone’s main function is to help your body build muscle.

Both men and women need testosterone for optimal bone and muscle health. However, men have significantly more testosterone, which is part of the reason why they have so much more muscle mass.

Decrease Your Body Fat

Not only does testosterone help your body build muscle, but higher amounts of testosterone are also linked to lower body fat percentages.

As you age, it can become progressively harder to stay lean.

Taking testosterone may help you regain the body you had in your early twenties.

Increased Energy and Mood

Testosterone is usually thought of as a muscle-building hormone.

However, your brain also has testosterone receptors.

When your testosterone levels are low, less testosterone binds to these receptors.

When this happens, you may notice that you’re more irritable and tired than usual.

Taking Testogen may improve your mood by increasing the amount of testosterone binding to these receptors.

Improved Sexual Health

Maintaining a healthy sex life as you age can be difficult, but the key may be to increase your testosterone levels.

If you’ve recently had any problems in the bedroom, you may benefit from taking Testogen.

Testogen’s testosterone boosting effects may improve your libido and erection quality.

Improve Sleep Quality

If you aren’t sleeping properly, every aspect of your life suffers.

Low testosterone levels can lead to insomnia and sleep disturbances, so increasing your testosterone levels may help you wake up feeling more well-rested.

Use Testogen to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Testogen includes a solid blend of ingredients designed to naturally improve your testosterone levels.

Taking Testogen may help you improve your strength, build muscle, and improve your sexual performance.

Many testosterone supplements rely on unproven ingredients, but the creators of Testogen clearly did their homework when developing their formula.

If you’re looking for a low-risk way to boost your testosterone, Testogen is worth trying

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